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Preparing Your Home:
Removing your Existing Floor Covering
You will need to know how you will dispose of your old flooring before installers arrive. If you are going to remove the old carpet and pad yourself, please leave the existing tack strip down only if replacing with carpet.


Material Waste
Every installation has material waste; these leftover pieces are most common in irregular rooms, or when stairs and halls are recovered.


Carpet Seams
In order to properly install your new flooring, cutting and seaming are quite common. Today's heat-bonded seams are as strong as the rest of the carpet; however, the seams themselves are not invisible. Our installers take great pride in making the seams as inconspicuous as possible.


Take a look at the room for which your flooring was bought. What is the condition of your ceiling? Do your walls need repainting? We recommend that all painting is complete before your new flooring arrives.


Empty Rooms, Please!
Rooms and closets that will be resurfaced must be emptied. Please remember, for both your protection and ours, if the rooms are not cleared before delivery, our company will not be liable for any damage that might occur, directly or indirectly, while handling your property.


Dining Rooms & Dens
Remove all your breakables (ashtrays, plates, vases, lamps, and collectibles) prior to moving the actual furniture; make sure all electrical components are disconnected before you attempt to move your stereo, computer, VCR or TV. Our installers are not responsible for reconnecting these items.


Kitchen & Utility Areas
Davan Floors will Disconnect your appliances and move them. We will move hot water heaters if they are drained and disconnected - or we can hire a plumber if you wish.


Beds need to be stripped prior to installation. Installers will dismantle the beds if necessary.


If vinyl is installed, Davan Floors will also move and replace the commode if needed. If we do remove them, we will insure proper care and replace the wax rings as well! 


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Shopping for Flooring:


Lots of Choices - Shopping Essentials
The key to selecting your flooring needs is preparation! Take time to be prepared for lots of colors, textures, styles and brands. Davan's Sales Team wants you to enjoy your home decorating and realize the potential of a room done right. We are here for you and you will enjoy shopping with us. Bring in your measurements, diagrams and swatches! Call today and make an appointment, in the meantime, check out our Cleaning Products and Specials!>>

How To Get Started - The Abbey Way! 

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to replace the floors in your home, there are a few things you want to consider.

  • Draw a rough outline of the rooms you want to install flooring in and how these rooms flow together. Be sure to include closets, fixed cabinet features, fireplaces, and doorways.
  • Have an idea of approximately how much flooring you’ll require for each room, hallway, staircase, etc. Take a measuring tape and get a rough idea. Flooring is typically sold by the square foot or by the square yard.
  • Have you considered the flooring in your halls? Stairways? How does your home flow?
  • Have a checklist of the approximate dimensions.
  • Consider the light that enters the room. Is it natural light (sunlight) or does it require artificial light throughout the day. This can make a difference in the floor you’ll want to select.
  • What is under your existing flooring? This is important information to know when you select your new floor. Try to find this out before you begin shopping for your new floor covering.


Flooring That Fits Your Lifestyle:
Now it’s time to decide what type of flooring fits your lifestyle. Your requirements are unique and solely based on your personal situation. Some things to consider are:

  • What is the room(s) used for?
  • Do you have children or pets?
  • Is there excessive traffic or very little?
  • Is there an abundance of sunlight entering the room?
  • Do you need to change out the existing baseboard and moldings?
  • What is the timeline for choosing your floor and getting it installed?
  • Is your climate especially moist or humid? Flooring can be greatly affected by these variables.
  • Will the room where your new flooring is installed require painting? If so, try and paint before the flooring is installed.

A Few Thoughts About Installation


  • What is the sub floor preparation?
  • Who removes the existing flooring? What are the costs associated with its removal?
  • Understand all the preparation for installing new flooring especially if it involves moving furniture and appliances.
  • Be sure to understand who is responsible for removing and re-installing toilets, portable dishwashers, and sinks.
  • Does the price cover all installation costs?


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